Elvira Miss Underwear Mode On!

Name Elvira Devinamira amid the talk of many people. Puteri Indonesia 2014 is indeed competing with other beautiful women from all over the world at the Miss Universe 2015 in Miami, Florida, United States. Not long ago circulated photo wearing a bikini Elvira Devinamira two pieces in cyberspace. Apparently, Elvira was fond look sexy. In his Instagram, there are many hot photos Elvira Devinamira. Elvira Devinamira began her career as a model. As a model, she was born in Surabaya, June 28, 1993, is indeed required to wear a variety of clothing, including outdoor clothing that accentuates her curves perfect.

Height 175 cm, Elvira Devinamira is high for the size of a woman's body Indonesia. In addition, Elvira also has a relatively large breast size, 36B. With all its physical advantages, Elvira is able to compete in the Miss Universe 2015.

Elvira Devinamira

Photos hot Elvira Devinamira first appeared on the official website of Miss Universe. At that time he underwent the process of shooting a bikini two pieces of white with purple abstract patterns. In the picture, it seems a big laugh while posing finger V, with palm trees in the background.

Elvira Devinamira lived Shooting is one of the series of Miss Universe 2015 before the evening peak which will be held in Miami, United States on 25 January 2015.

7 Foto Hot Elvira Devinamira

In his instagram account, Elvira Devinamira hot photographed using two pieces black bikini. "A great team workedward_edjutopia_studio, makeupemquee, bikiniblueglue_bikinis Happy new years guys," so Elvira write.

This photo was made distudio Utopia in Surabaya, East Java. Elvira Devinamira clearly shows fantastic curves.

Photos hot Elvira Devinamira wearing this bikini shot in Bali, Indonesia. "Yuhuuu not vain alternating Bali for the sake of Mr. Lorenzofabiolorenzo makeup by me bikini by blue glue," so Elvira wrote on his instagram account.

The picture was made by Fabio Lorenzo, a Fashion Photograph who settled in Bali. Elvira very satisfied with the shots Fabio Lorenzo.

In the photo diunggahnya to instagram, Elvira Devinamira wearing a blue bikini. "TARAAAA .... A picture byrudy_hari swimwear byniconicomare hair and makeup byemmanuelkristyono taken atrimbajimbaran," said Elvira on his instagram account.

Turns Elvira Devinamira perform a series of photos bikini in Bali with the photographer Rudy Day. Because instagram account Rudy Today there are a lot of photos of hot Elvira Devinamira wearing a bikini. In a photo of Rudy Day instagram account, even cleavage Elvira clearly visible.

7 Foto Hot Elvira Devinamira

This photo, Elvira Devinamira looks very sensual. Her hair is pulled all backwards. Masculine style yet sensual. Plus it is a sensual expression.

In this photo, Elvira wearing a black bra visible. "A photo byicenfouaddiction thank you ce like bgt sm result makeup by zaky wardrobe by Digo," said Elvira on his Instagram account

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